Meitu Vs Xingtu

Meitu vs Xingtu

Meitu vs Xingtu that’s an interesting comparison! Both Xingtu and  Meitu are popular app photo editing apps. Xingtu is known for its unique artistic filters and effects. At the same time, Meitu is famous for its beautification filters. If you want more information on both apps knowledge so read the article.

Meitu vs Xingtu Overview

What is Meitu?

Meitu is a Chinese technology company, Meitu was founded in 2008 by (China) Limited. Meitu is popular for its editing that allows you to enhance your selfies and add creative effects to your photos.

What is Xingtu?

Xingtu photo editing app was developed by Beijing Yanxuan Technology released some time ago. This powerful photo editing app has gained popularity, especially among influencers across Asia.

Meitu vs Xingtu Comparison

Meitu vs Xingtu are both apps popular for editing and videos. They have the same purposes and audiences. Meitu specializes in photo editing and beautification, offering a range of features like filters, makeup effects, and stickers to enhance photos and videos.

On the other hand, Xingtu has great artistic filters and effects. If you want to add unique artistic touches to your photos, Xingtu might be a great choice.

But it’s your personal preferences regarding which app you for your photos and videos. 

UI/UX of Meitu and Xingtu  

The User interface of Meitu is easy to use. When you open the app you’ll see a screen where you can take a photo to choose one from the gallery. From there you can access various tools and features by tapping on the icons at the bottom of the screen. With Meitu you have a lot of filters, effects, and stickers for your photo beautification.

UI Ux design of Meitu and Xingtu

Xingtu-friendly user interface boasts a straightforward layout similar to other photo editors. Select the photo that you edit. Xingtu features are neatly organized buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Both Xingtu and Meitu offer an easy-to-use UI. It is therefore up to you which one you think has the best editing. 

Usability of Meitu and Xingtu 

Meitu is more like a lightweight version of Photoshop. The user interface is so easy to use. With easy access to various editing tools and features. It offers a wide range of filters and effects to enhance your pictures and videos.

The usability of the Xingtu photo editing app is like a friendly playground for our pictures. Its magical kit is used to smooth your skin, adjust your face shape, and tweak your body proportions. 

Thus, Meitu and Xingtu are both very user-friendly. Because I use the Meitu app, I enjoy Meitu. You may use both apps, though, and select which to use.  

Editing Options

The Meitu editing tools provide multiple filters, effects, and creative tools to enhance the pictures and videos. In Meitu you can use more tools like brushes, and stickers and apply artistic effects. Meitu is focused the individual photo enhancements and creative expression.

Editing tools in meitu and xingtu

In Xingtu, you can find more editing tools to enhance your photos. Include filters, adjustment options, saturation, and contrast, as well as cropping and resizing tools to customization and composition of your photos. There are also stickers, text, overlays, and other creative elements to add to your pictures.

Meitu and Xingtu have a lot of editing tools, but I used Meitu that’s why  I like the Meitu editing tools. But you can use both apps and choose which one is your favorite.

Filters and Effects of both apps

Meitu offers a wide range of filters and effects that allow you to enhance your pictures and selfies to make them look better. From vibrant and colorful filters to vintage-inspired ones. Meitu has options to suit various aesthetics and preferences.

Xingtu also provides a collection of filters to add different effects and styles to your pictures. Based on the kind of impression you want—bold and dramatic or critical and dreamy. Xingtu offers filters that allow you to change the mood of your photos.

Both Meitu and Xingtu have a lot of filters and effects. So, choose your favorite app and launch it on your mobile.

Pre-Made Template Designs

Meitu does not have a wide range of template designs, because it more focusing on photo and video editing. But some basic templates are in the app that you can create collages or add frames and stickers to your pictures.

Xingtu offers a wide range of template designs that you can use to create eye-catching and professional-looking photo editing. With the help of Xingtu templates, you can quickly and simply modify pre-designed element layouts with your photo and text to create collages and personalized greeting cards for social media postings.

On Xingtu, a large variety of template designs are offered. Thus, Xingtu is better than Meitu.

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Significance Difference Meitu vs Xingtu

Meitu vs Xingtu significance difference, Meitu is known for its extensive beautification options, allowing the user to enhance their photos and videos with the best editing tools and filters, makeup effects, and stickers. On the other hand, Xingtu offers more wider range of editing tools, filters, and creative elements to customize and enhance your photos in various styles. So, it’s your personal preference which app you choose for your beautiful editing and with the artistic effects. 

Aspect MeituXingtu
Market shareHigh market share, with wide popularity. Focused on the influencer developments.
Focus Producing better beauty content.Make it a priority to promote and support influencers. 
Challenges Adapting to new tech, attaching users, and enhancing business value.Balancing short live videos and social methods while ensuring user satisfaction.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Xingtu and Meitu are both apps for editing videos and pictures to enhance your beautification with filters, effects, and stickers.

Yes, both Xingtu and Meitu provide the option of sharing your pictures directly on social media.

In my opinion, Both Meitu and Xingtu have many unique features and strengths. Meitu is well known for its extensive beauty enhancement options, prefer those who want to enhance their selfies. However, Xingtu gives users access to a vast array of editing tools, filters, and artistic parts, allowing them to express their creativity and make unique adjustments. In the end, it comes down to personal taste. So, explore the apps and dive in the unleash creativity on your pictures and videos.

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