meitu vs wink

Meitu vs Wink

Meitu and Wink are both apps for editing pictures and videos. I carefully avail myself of Meitu and Wink, because these apps closely resemble to each other. Meitu is the leading edge in face retouching while Wink has an AI ART technology to enhance the portrait clicks. For a more significant difference of Meitu vs Wink stick with the article.

Meitu vs Wink Overveiw

What is Meitu?

Meitu is a Chinese technology company known primarily for its mobile app photo editing and beautification. Xinghong Wu is the CEO of Meitu and the Meitu app (China) Limited was founded in 2008. The Meitu has many features to create and look for your pictures better.

What is Wink?

Wink, the widely acclaimed video editing software, was founded by Meitu Inc. in 2008. Meitu is an AI-driven technology company. Wink is a versatile photo editing app that offers a wide range of features to enhance your multimedia content.

Meitu vs Wink Comparison

Meitu and Wink are both apps that have the same features to edit your pictures in beauty style and enhancement. Meitu is known for its wide range of features like makeup effects, to make your skin smooth, and brighten your eyes. It has a lot of artistic filters and collage options. Wink has a great enhance your multimedia content, by retouching your photos, stabilizing videos, or adding creative effects, Wink has the AI artistic effect for your pictures making them look better.

User Interface Comparison

Meitu is known for its slick and intuitive user interface and has many tools for enhancing your pictures. It is excellent for users of all levels because it is easily accessible, clearly organized, and feels natural to navigate through.

Wink, the video editing has a simple user-friendly interface. On the left side, you’ll find your video editing clips, while the timeline runs along the bottom. The buttons and icons on the Wink picture editing app are thoughtfully designed so that you can easily navigate through its user interface.

It all depends on which app you choose Meitu and Wink, as they both feature straightforward user interfaces.


Meitu can easily edit the photographs and videos. Meitu has fewer technical requirements than Photoshop, is more adaptable, and has countless unique features. Think of it like a lighter version and videos.

The Wink editing app offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing effortlessly enhance their photos with a variety of editing tools and filters. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and color with just a few taps. It has a lot of filters to enhance photo editing and besides that, Wink has an AI artistic effect.

Many features are available in both apps to improve the images and videos. However, the Wink photo editing software is better for Meitu because it features an artificial intelligence artistic impact.

Editing Tools 

Meitu provides users with a wide variety of editing tools, such as Empower, to improve their images with the best features, including makeup application, skin smoothing, blemish removal, and advanced capabilities. These features appeal to users who want to make their pictures look better.

Editing Tools in meitu and wink

Wink is a versatile editing tool that empowers users to enhance their photos and videos effortlessly. With features like trimming, speed adjustment, and animation, wink offers advanced capabilities such as anti-shake stabilization, HD quality enhancement, and video beautification. Wink applies makeup effects, enhances skin tones, and refines additional aspects like the face. The tool is a complete option for crafting eye-catching films since it allows text, stickers, filters, and music insertion.

Compared to Meitu, Wink offers a greater variety of editing capabilities, making it an excellent option.

Filters and Effects

Meitu has a variety of filters and effects to design and enhance your picture beauty. With Meitu you can adjust colors, tones, and artistic effects. 

Wink, on the other hand, has a wide range of filters and effects to elevate your photos and videos. These enhancements allow to user transform their ordinary footage into visually striking content.

Both apps have the same filters and effects to enhance the pictures and videos. So, it’s your personal preference which one you choose.

Template Designs 

Meitu is more focused on photo editing. So, Meitu has limited template designs. But some basic template designs that Meitu provides you can use to create collages or add frames, and stickers to your pictures.

Wink offers a variety of customizable template designs to enhance the photos. You can apply different logos, posters, or motion graphics. Wink provides fast, affordable, and effective solutions.

Wink is an excellent alternative to Meitu because it offers a large selection of template designs.


Meitu is mainly designed for individual use, with a concentration on photo editing and enhancement. It does not have any feature specifically for collaboration.

Team collaboration in wink

Creating a collaborative Wink editing software means bringing together a group of talented people to work together to design, create, and launch the app. 

Meitu lacks collaboration, whereas Wink does. Therefore, Wink is a fantastic option if you want to work with others.

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Significance Difference Meitu vs Wink

Meitu and Wink both have a lot of editing features but different purposes, With a variety of options to adjust every aspect of your images, Meitu is similar to a photo editor on steroids. Meitu is especially popular in China.

On the other hand, Wink specializes in creating animated to interactive content, particularly GIFs and short video clips, allowing to user add stickers, text, and effects to their creations. Meitu emphasizes visual enhancements and beauty-centered editing.

For users who want to create content that is more engaging and sharing than just photos, Wink offers an editing experience that is more creative and dynamic. 

Meitu Wink 
High-tech picture expertLow-tech human focus 
Crafting eye-catchy designsCheeky emoji vibes
Makes digital art from selfies Generally accepted test: Hey, I saw you
Enhancing productivity  in the imaging industriesSimple, expression communication 

Meitu and Wink offer a large selection of filters to pick from. These apps offer a plethora of possibilities, regardless of your preference for bright, colorful filters or suitable vintage ones.

Yes, both Meitu and Wink are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can easily download them from the respective app stores.

In the Meitu vs Wink comparison, both companies offer powerful imaging tools. Meitu more focus on the production scenarios, the introduction of MiracleVersion, and its commitment to pushing technological boundaries in the imaging industries.

But Wink continues to be a more competitive opponent due to its massive user base and importance in the online ID photo industry. Ultimately the choice depends on your needs individual on your personal preferences.

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